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                發布時間:2019-07-08 閱讀次數:1313次

                The MT Explorer 100 is MassTech’s first entry into the Mass Spectrometer arena. It is a 3D ion trap based mass spectrometer of our own design with atmospheric pressure interface (API) capable of MS/MS, blending technology and ideas that our principal scientists developed over a decade’s worth of research and development with the US Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security.

                The mass range and sensitivity are equivalent to desktop mass spectrometer units such as the Thermo LCQ or the Agilent 1100 series LC/MSD (Bruker Esquire), but we have focused our efforts towards reducing size and weight to make a product which is easily transportable and can be used in a field environment. As a result, you have a fully capable mass spectrometer which, when coupled with an Ion Source such as our own AP/MALDI, ESI or an APCI, gives you the ability to do chemical or biological detection and identification using MS/MS techniques.

                The MT Explorer 100 is the first of its kind to combine desktop API mass spectrometer performance with field portable size and weight. We are excited to begin offering it to customers within the continental United States throughout 2011, and beginning in 2012, we plan to begin shipments to select distributors overseas.

                6000 FWHM@2000Da 4000Da/s
                0.3Da accuracy
                19x17x16.5 inch