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                歡迎您來◤到,中國質□ 譜學會網!
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                European Journal of Mass Spectrometry

                European Journal of Mass Spectrometry



                European Journal of Mass Spectrometry is a peer reviewed journal covering all areas of mass spectrometry. While it is European in its publishing base, its distribution, editors and authors are international.

                Guaranteed Publication in three weeks!

                For authors wishing to have their research published in European Journal of Mass Spectrometry in the fastest possible time, we are able to offer guaranteed publication of Letters within three weeks, subject of course to satisfactory review. Reviewers of Letters are typically drawn from the Editorial Advisory Board.

                International Year of Chemistry 2011

                EJMS—European Journal of Mass Spectrometry and the Mass Spectrometry Division of the Italian Chemical Society are celebrating the International Year of Chemistry in 2011. Each issue of EJMS in 2011 will start with a review on a particular area of chemistry in which mass spectrometry has had a significant impact and written by an expert from the Italian Society.

                Honour for Peter Derrick

                EJMS’s Editor-in-Chief, Peter Derrick, has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand. Fellowship is an honour given to top researchers in New Zealand for showing distinction in research or in the advancement of science, technology or the humanities. Peter moved to New Zealand about four years ago to head the Institute of Fundamental Sciences at Massey University.

                Congratulations, Peter.

                Submitting your paper

                We offer authors a web-based online manuscript submission system. This helps speed up the handling of your paper and allows you to track its progress. Please submit your paper at . Further information on submitting a paper to EJMS can be found here.

                Open access

                EJMS is pleased to offer authors the option to publish their papers using the " Open Access" model. Consult our open access page for more information.

                View Open Access papers.



                Two levels of subscription are available: a full rate subscription consisting of the printed journal and access to the on-line journal, and a web-only subscription at a discount that does not include a printed copy of the journal.


                EJMS is abstracted in Analytical Abstracts, BIOSIS, Chemical Abstracts, Chemistry Citation Index, Current Contents/Physical, Chemical & Earth Sciences, Index Medicus, Mass Spectrometry Bulletin, MEDLINE, Pubmed,Research Alert, SciSearch.

                Mass spectrometry societies

                EJMS is affiliated with a number of mass spectrometry societies. Members of these societies can take out a personal subscription at preferential rates. If you are interested in subscribing, please contact your society’s administration. Members who have subscribed can manage their subscription at the pages below.

                British Mass Spectrometry Society

                Deutsche Gesellschaft für Massenspektrometrie

                Société Française de Spectrométrie de Masse

                Società Chimica Italiana